Colour Party TikTok Trend Explained And Some Great Examples

The best thing TikTok does is start a new viral trend – the latest is the ‘colour party’ – and we’ve got examples and an explanation.

The video-sharing app has made trends out of songs, dances, water bottles, and even instant noodles, but now it’s all about colour parties.

Colour Party TikTok

This craze involves throwing a party with a color theme where everyone dresses in a specific colour and brings snacks and/or drinks matching that colour.

A person who chooses orange would wear orange clothes, bring orange juice or orange soda, oranges, or Reese’s Pieces, for example. Attendees even get wigs that match their skin tone.

Dressed up, with snacks in hand, people walk, or dance, up to the camera at the party and show off their true colors.

Some people have even held Pride and colour themed parties to show support for the LGBTQ+ community by picking the colours of the rainbow.

Furthermore, colour parties don’t seem to have any specific meaning other than to have fun and be colourful – or to wear the same color or tone, like black or white.

Over 48 million videos with the hashtag ‘color party’ have been viewed collectively on TikTok as a result of this trend. It has also been reported that some users have inspired others by tagging their videos with “This is your sign to do it”.


The “Colour Party” TikTok trend, as of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, does not have a widely recognized explanation or specific meaning. It’s possible that this trend has emerged after my knowledge cutoff date or may be specific to a particular region or community.

TikTok trends are constantly evolving, and new challenges, dances, or concepts emerge regularly. These trends can gain popularity quickly and fade away just as fast. Without specific information about the “Colour Party” trend, it is difficult to provide a conclusive explanation or showcase examples.

To stay updated with the latest TikTok trends and understand the “Colour Party” trend specifically, I recommend exploring TikTok itself, following popular creators, or searching for the hashtag #ColourParty on the TikTok app or other social media platforms. This will allow you to see current videos and gain a better understanding of the trend and its associated content.

Please note that trends on TikTok can change rapidly, and the “Colour Party” trend may no longer be active or widely known by the time you read this. It’s always best to refer to current sources and platforms to stay up to date with the latest TikTok trends and viral challenges.

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