Emo Fashions and Outfit Ideas for Teens

The emo fashion movement was inspired by the emo music of the early 2000s. As a mix of punk and rock, this style of music was channeled by bands like My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy, and Taking Back Sunday. Teenagers who dress outside of the mainstream often adopt this style once they learn how to look emo.

Emo Style for Guys

Dressing emo can also be classified as dressing the scene, since followers of emo music like to keep up with the music scene. You can perfect your emo look with fashion if you’re a male.

Effortless Emo Kid

An emo wardrobe staple, pair a band t-shirt with skinny jeans for a cool, casual look. Jeans that are tighter are better! Accessorize this punk-inspired look with a multi-colored studded belt and beat-up Vans or Converse. During chilly weather, layer a long white sleeved t-shirt under your band tee or a basic hoody over it.

Dressed Up Emo

Wear an all-black emo ensemble for a smart casual occasion with friends or family if you want to project a dressier image. Wear dickies or cargo pants with a black fitted military jacket if jeans are too casual. Add a silver studded belt, combat boots, and layered spike necklace or bracelet to complete this moody look.

All About the Bangs

Straight black locks with a large side fringe are the best way to rock emo-style hair for guys. For the ultimate emo look, cover one eye strategically with your hair, whether it’s short, choppy, or grown out to your shoulders.

Amp Up the Accessories

“Guyliner” has been made famous by influential band members Gerard Way and Pete Wentz. It originally consisted of black pencil eyeliner on the waistline, but has since expanded to include liquid eyeliner above the upper lashes. Wear your guyliner with an abundance of facial piercings to epitomize fun emo style.

Makeup Tips for Emo Guys

Even though some goth guys apply white foundation, dark eye makeup, and dark red or black lipstick, it’s not necessarily an emo look. To achieve something unique, emo guys should experiment with these items to see if they can pull together the look they want:

  • Dark eyeliner and dark eyeshadow are must-haves for emo guys who wear makeup. Emo guys are all about their eye makeup.
  • For guys, liquid foundation is a good option for concealing blemishes or other imperfections.

Emo Fashion for Girls

It’s fun to experiment with female emo fashion since it’s a little more varied. It is possible to create bold, unique ensembles by mixing and matching different elements.

Casual Scene Girl

You can copy male emo style by wearing band t-shirts, skinny jeans, and studded belts. To add a playful, feminine touch to a casual scene, wear a plain tank top in a classic hue and a frilled ra-ra skirt with long striped socks or ripped pantyhose. Wear Converse on your feet and multi-colored beads necklaces around your neck and wrists to complete this punk aesthetic.

Smart and Sassy

The female emo look can be dressed up for a smart casual occasion by sticking with skinny jeans and studded belts, but swapping your band tee for a white button-through shirt underneath a black tank top. Add lace fingerless gloves to amp up the sass and swap your Converse or Vans for cute ballet flats.

Color-Pop Your Hair

The emo fringe is just as popular with girls as it is with boys, but there’s another factor to consider: color. The brighter your locks, the better! For a quirky, individual look, accent your hair with vibrant alternative colors, such as blue, purple, and pink.

Accessorize Accordingly

Emo girls wear black eyeliner smudged on their waterlines just like emo boys wear guyliner. Women’s emo makeup, on the other hand, is typically more dramatic, with black and gray smoky eyeshadow and feline-like liquid eyeliner along the upper lashes. If you want a fierce finish, combine your bold emo makeup with facial piercings. Also, if you’re heading out for the day, take a messenger bag filled with patches and badges of your favorite bands to give off the ultimate scene vibe.

Makeup Tips for Emo Girls

Emo girls generally have more freedom with their makeup choices than their male counterparts. Dark eyes and pale lips are hallmarks of an emo girl’s makeup look, but metallic colors and outlandish accentuation can go along with it as well. You can express your creative side through makeup.

Getting the Emo Look

You can show off your music interests and personality with emo fashion for teens. Find out what works for you by experimenting with different aspects of this style movement. It doesn’t matter what look you choose, one thing’s for sure: everyone will notice you.

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