Free Babysitting Flyer Templates and Ideas

Let the parents in your neighborhood know you mean business with the best babysitting flyers. Create your own unique marketing tool with the free, printable templates or customize the free ones!

Printable Babysitting Flyers

You can print off any one of these customizable templates if you’re in a hurry to start up your babysitting business. Click on the flyer image that best represents your role as a caregiver. Change the words to reflect your personal information by clicking the download icon. 

Publish the flyer in full color when you are satisfied with it. You can find lots of troubleshooting tips in the Adobe Guide if you have any problems using the templates.

Responsible Girl Babysitting Flyer Template

With this professional and cute flyer, you can demonstrate your professionalism to potential clients. With the cartoon babysitter holding a baby, parents know you take your job seriously, but you also have a sense of humor. A section even allows you to list your website, professional social media page, or profile on a national babysitting website.

Bears and Balloons Babysitting Flyer Template

This sweet flyer lets parents know you’re all about love and comfort. Kids will love the teddy bear and colorful balloons, too!

Fun Toys Babysitting Flyer Template

You can use this flyer if you specialize in caring for babies. The baby toys and soft colors show you are familiar with this age group.

How to Make a Babysitting Flyer

You can make a babysitting flyer by hand or on a computer. Make your poster legible, informative, personal, and professional. Brightly colored paper and ink will catch the attention of passersby and boost your business.

Use a Word Processing Program

In most libraries or on your home computer, you can use basic programs like Microsoft Word or Google Docs.

  1. Create your own flyer by choosing the font style, size, color, and placement of the words.
  2. If you want to make the poster more visually appealing, you can add kid-friendly clipart or your own photographs.

Make Standard Paper Posters

You can purchase small sheets of poster board from any general merchandise store. Packs of three are typically available in several colors.

  1. In the center of your poster, use letter stencils and poster paint markers to create text.
  2. Add embellishments such as border pieces or clip art.
  3. To create a recognizable brand, use the same wording and colors on all posters.

Make a Tear-Away Flyer

In a tear-away flyer, parents can rip off little strips at the bottom of the page to take home your phone number. Any standard paper flyer can be used to create one.

  1. Section off the bottom edge of your poster into several equal sections using a ruler.
  2. On each section, write your name, the word “babysitter,” and your phone number.
  3. Each section on the left and right should be cut so that the top is still attached.

Make a Postcard Flyer

Make your own business postcards by printing out 5 by 7 pictures of yourself.

  1. Choose an image that shows off your babysitting skills like making crafts or one that is just a headshot of your smiling face.
  2. Type or write your information on a piece of paper that is slightly smaller than the photo.
  3. Use a glue stick to attach the paper to the back of the picture.
  4. Be sure to add a caption to the front of the photo as well that includes your name and something about babysitting.

What to Include on a Babysitting Flyer

Your flyer should only provide necessary information. Clients can ask for more detailed information when they call you. Simple information includes:

  • Your first and last name
  • Your phone number
  • Your website address
  • Your rates
  • If you specialize in caring for a specific type of child (special needs, a specific age range, etc.)
  • Any certifications you hold like child CPR and First Aid or a babysitter’s course
  • One or two quotes from past clients

Babysitting Catchphrases

Parents will be looking for specific qualities in a babysitter which you can capture in a relevant phrase such as:

  • Experienced Babysitter
  • Certified Babysitter
  • References Available
  • Experience Working With Kids Ages (list age range)
  • Own Transportation
  • Available Evenings and Weekends

Information to Leave Out

While it might be tempting to write paragraphs about yourself and your skills, there is some information that has no place on your flyer.

  • Your home address – Anyone in public can see these flyers, so it’s important to keep yourself safe from unwanted strangers.
  • Your complete schedule – Again, you don’t want to give any strangers the opportunity to know your every move. Parents can call and ask your availability.
  • Pleas for money – Parents want to hire you because you’re a good worker, not because you need money.
  • Phrases like “loves kids” – If you want to be a babysitter, you obviously like kids. This makes it sound like you’re trying too hard.
  • Specific kinds of kids you don’t want to work with – Try to leave off any exclusions that might make you sound rude or unkind.

Where to Put Your Flyers

Since you’ll either be hanging them in public places or handing them out, you don’t necessarily need to cover your posters with plastic sleeves. If you plan to hang posters in open areas, you should definitely weatherproof them. Try to think in the mindset of a parent. Where do parents shop? Where do they take their children? Those are the places you want your flyers to be seen.

  • Ask your local businesses if you can hang flyers on their property either in a highly visible window or on a community bulletin board.
  • Give copies of your flyers to current clients and ask them to share with their friends who have kids.
  • Walk around one area of your town at a time and knock on doors to give flyers directly to people. Try to hit houses that obviously have children like those with kids’ toys outside.

Show Professionalism With Flyers

You must remain patient and persistent in developing your client base once you have created professional-looking flyers and placed them in suitable locations. Small businesses, whether babysitting or large corporations, require time and serious effort to succeed. Your chances of getting a job and earning money for your pocket are better the more time you invest!

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