After Prom Ideas and Activities

Teenagers are always looking for new and fresh ideas for after prom. A little creativity is all it takes to come up with some great after-prom ideas, whether you’re planning the school’s after-prom party or looking for something to do after the dance.

After Prom Ideas for Couples

Due to curfews and teen rules, it can be challenging to decide what to do with your boyfriend after prom or where to extend the fun with your girlfriend. You’ll make awesome memories, whether you’re spending time alone or with other couples.

Cozy Campfire

Take advantage of the night sky and spend some time around a campfire in your backyard or at a local outdoor venue. You’ll get closer as the air gets chillier at night. A campfire, whether it’s a large group bonfire on a friend’s property or a small fire on the beach, is a romantic event.

The Dating Game

Create a couples’ game show modeled after old shows like The Dating Game or The Newlywed Game where couples must match answers to relationship questions. You can print out fun questions for couples and assign two or three per round. 

During the four or five rounds of the game, the couples are supposed to secretly write on a dry erase board the answer they believe their partner will say. For each correct answer, award points.

Starry Sky Photo Shoot

You should limit the number of pictures you take before prom to those taken by your parents and friends. Hire a photographer after prom who can take amazing, unique shots of you outside at night. You may be able to have the photographer digitally alter the pictures so that your initials are spelled out in the sky by connecting stars within the picture if you have the money to do so.

Prom Movie Binge Session

Stay up all night watching teen movies about proms and other formals if your parents permit it. You’ll be able to reminisce about the special night you just had as you watch. Watching movies like Blockers, Prom, Footloose, and She’s All That will make you feel like prom never ends.

After Prom Activities for Groups

Join your friends or the whole school for unforgettable after prom entertainment. Getting more people involved makes it cheaper because you can split the costs or get funding if it’s a school-wide event.

The Carnival Is in Town

Aside from bumper cars, huge inflatable slides, bungee activities, and defying rides, you can actually rent carnival rides and attractions. For more information, contact a party supply, carnival, or amusement company in your area. There is a cost associated with setting up on school grounds or a local park or field.

DIY Drive-In Movie

Show the latest movies in the school parking lot or in your backyard on a giant screen. You can complete the experience with refreshments such as a snow cone machine and a popcorn machine. To prevent congestion in the parking lot, sell advanced tickets if you are hosting one at school.

After-Prom Cruise

An after-prom party cruise might be a unique option if you live near water. An alcohol-free party on the boat can include dancing and hanging out until the wee hours of the morning.

Ultimate Slumber Party

Museums, zoos, and aquariums often host sleepovers for special groups. Enjoy a one-of-a-kind sleepover at a magnificent location that might include exciting games and will have separate rooms for guys and girls.

After Prom Party Ideas at Home

Host an after-prom event at your home for your closest friends for the safest post-prom activities.

Backyard Glamping

Glamping in the backyard is the ideal kind of camp-out, since you’re all dressed up. You don’t have to sleep on the ground or cook with a stick when you go glamping! Create beautifully made beds for each person using air mattresses or real mattresses from your house. 

Invest in top-of-the-line snacks such as sushi or bruschetta and premium drinks such as sparkling grape juice. It would be nice if everyone wore their nicest pajamas.

Gaming Tournament

Create an ultimate gaming room by gathering TVs from around your house and having other teens bring small TVs if needed. Each TV should be equipped with a gaming system. Every TV can be connected to the same gaming system, so everyone can play together. Choose one game for each TV and make it a tournament if you use different games on each.

Laser Tag

Play laser tag in the backyard with a kids’ laser tag set. Put on black clothes and glow necklaces and set boundaries so you don’t disturb the neighbors. If you want to make the game more challenging than just eliminating the other team, you can set it up like Capture the Flag.

Club Home

Keep the dance party going at home by clearing out one room, turning off the lights, and using a disco light speaker. Serve up mocktails to make it feel like you’re at a club. Play a playlist of high-energy dance songs.

What to Do the Day After Prom

The prom is such a special occasion, but it only lasts for one night. Continue the excitement for one more day after prom by starting a new tradition.

Makeunder Spa Treatments

Get rid of all that prom makeup with an at-home spa party after a night of glamming up. Prepare a foot soak station in the bathtub or in a small plastic bin with towels underneath to soothe your feet after a night of dancing. 

Makeup remover and facial peels or masks will help you remove all that glamorous makeup. A heating pad lounging area will complete the design, so teens can relax with a little heat on their backs as they relax.

Recap Brunch

With so many people and so much to do, you probably missed some funny moments or wild drama at the prom. Meet up with friends at a local diner for brunch and take turns recapping the highlights of your prom night.

Picture Party

Create a Facebook event or similar social media meeting spot and invite everyone you know to share prom pictures there. As a result, everyone has a chance to see things they may have missed and capture photos they may not have known existed.

After Prom Ideas That are Better Than Prom

With a little creativity, whether your after-prom party is sponsored by an organization like SADD, MADD, or the PTA, or thrown by a friend, everyone will be talking about it. It is important to provide teens with a safe and fun outlet that allows them to stay up all night, have a great time, and stay safe at the same time.

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