Student Council Treasurer Slogans and Poster Ideas

Are you considering running for student council treasurer? For your campaign to succeed, you need the perfect slogan and poster. These fun and catchy treasurer slogans and poster ideas will help you ace that high school election even if you’re short on ideas.

Finding the Perfect Slogan

Playing with words and centering your slogan around your position can demonstrate your creativity and fun to your school. Try out a few of these fun slogans and use your favorite in your running for treasurer speech.

Work Around Your Specialty

Being original is important to you. Having a perfect poster is important to you. Here are a few catchy slogans to work around your specialty:

  • If I can stand the test of time, don’t waste a dime.
  • Thank you for your vote! I’ve got your back!
  • Don’t put your trust in the rest! Don’t settle for anything less!
  • Every vote counts! You can count on [Your name]!
  • Don’t waste your dime this time, vote for [your name]!
  • I’m worried about the amount! You need someone who can count.
  • You can trust me with your money. Please vote for [your name].
  • As far as the bank is concerned, I’m the best!
  • You can count on me to be your treasurer with the persistence of a creditor.
  • It just makes sense to vote for [your name].
  • I should be treasurer because I’m cleverer.

Because You’re the Best

It’s important to show the student body that you’re the best. Put your best foot forward with a few of these phrases.

  • I can pass the test, vote for the best!
  • You’ve got the best, forget the rest!
  • Don’t be stressed! You’ve got the best!
  • I can stand the test, don’t be stressed. You deserve the best!
  • Don’t put your future to the test, cast your vote for the best!
  • Vote for the best, lest you be stressed!
  • You want the top? Let me fill the spot.

Focus on the Vote

Getting that vote is key. Work your slogan around earning that vote.

  • Because your vote is important to you! It’s important to me too.
  • If your vote is important, cast it my way!
  • Rather than throw your vote away, send it my way.
  • A vote for excellence is a vote for [your name].
  • Rather than the competitor, give me your vote for treasurer
  • Your vote is important, give me your endorsement.

Hope for the Future

Are you looking to inspire your student body? Use your slogan to show how you can change the future like:

  • Put your future funds in capable hands. Vote for me!
  • A vote for [your name] is a vote for a fabulous future.
  • Your future looks great when you vote for a top rate treasurer!
  • Take your present into a glorious future with a top rate treasurer. Vote for me.
  • Let me capture your vote for a brighter future.
  • For a grand adventure, sail me toward your future. Vote for [your name].
  • Don’t depart from your future, capture it with me. [Your name] for treasurer.
  • Rather than being immature, I’m looking toward the future. Vote for [your name].

About Your Leadership

Highlight your leadership skills with your slogan. Try out a few of these:

  • You need a leader not a loser! Treasure your vote with me.
  • Let me lead the way to a top treasurer.
  • Cherish your vote by casting it for a top leader.
  • Look for a leader, cast your vote for [your name].
  • Let me lead by example, vote for me for treasurer.
  • Rather than coming in like a wrecking ball, I’ll lead you to a brighter future.

Unique Poster Ideas

Now that you’ve found your slogan, it is time to decorate your poster. Since you are going to be the treasurer and dealing with money, you might choose a color scheme that includes green. You might also choose something that works well with your school colors. Make sure to have either your name or picture big and bold on the poster. Using bright colors and glitter can also help your poster to stand out among the rest.

Bank on Your Position

You’re trying to become the treasurer. Make your money skills stand out through some fun money styled posters. You might try:

  • Make your poster look like a biggie bank.
  • Design a poster in the shape of a bill with your face in the president spot.
  • Decorating the poster with money as a background.
  • Make your poster look like a money bag.
  • Stylize your poster like a bank.

Take the Treasure Out of Treasurer

Treasure is also a fun way to make your poster stand out. You’re going to be handling money but let the student body know you will do so in a fun way. Try poster ideas like:

  • Adding a treasure box. You might make a treasure box to go under your poster or add a treasure chest to your poster. You can also make your poster look like a treasure chest.
  • Make your poster into a treasure map with your picture marking the spot rather than an x.
  • Make your poster look like a pirate ship with your name on the treasure chest.
  • Use gold coins to accent your picture on your poster.

Original Poster Ideas

Rather than make your poster around a theme, you might stick to a poster that is uniquely you. However, you’ll still want to make sure that you stand out. Try a few of these unique poster ideas:

  • Make your poster look like a voting ballot with a check next to your name.
  • Use red, white and blue to make your poster patriotic and colorful.
  • Make your poster look like a puzzle with a missing piece. Your picture should fit into the missing area.
  • Style your poster after a famous campaign like the Rosie the Riveter or Uncle Sam posters.

Making It Your Own

No matter what, make sure to highlight what will make you the best treasurer among everyone. This means that you need to make the slogan and poster your own. To make your own slogan or customize it, you’ll want to try:

  • Finding something that might rhyme or go with your name. For example, “Vote for Ben, he’ll do the work of ten.”
  • Find a slogan that works for you and build your poster around it.
  • While your slogan is important, make sure your name and/or picture are the focus of the poster. You want people to know who you are.
  • Add credentials. Why should the student body vote for you for treasurer? Show them what you are capable of.
  • Personalize it with glitter, personal images, funny sayings, etc. Anything that will make the student body see your personality.

Have Fun With It

Becoming student council treasurer has a lot of benefits but you should also have fun with it. In addition to coming up with your speech for treasurer, you need to create a great campaign slogan and poster to really excite the students. Get a real handle on everything about the treasurer position and use it to write an awesome student council speech that will help you win the election.

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