What Are High School Locker Rooms Like?

Having to share a locker room during PE can cause lack of sleep if you are new to high school. High school locker rooms aren’t as bad as you might imagine. It is actually possible to change in some privacy in many places.

What Teens Can Expect

If you have never been in a high school locker room, you may not know what to expect from the communal showers down to the changing areas and lockers. Take a look at locker rooms and changing areas to calm your nerves.

Locker Room Design

Most locker rooms will have several rows of lockers that are about chest height along with benches for changing. Showers will also be available in a separate room. For those who are shy or worried about others seeing their bodies, lockers provide some privacy. 

Teenager Caitlin Soard notes that “some locker rooms have shower stalls where you can have a little privacy.” The design of the locker room is generally the same for boys and girls.

The Showers

In a high school locker room, showering might be the scariest part. “Some gym locker rooms have communal showers, which are usually just a bunch of showerheads along the wall, or they may have individual shower stalls,” says Soard. While the lack of privacy may cause anxiety, you may not be required to take a shower after gym class. 

If you have to shower in front of your classmates, just remember “everyone has to do it, and it probably isn’t as bad as you think it will be.” In addition, if your school has a pool, you will probably need to shower before you go in.

Lockers and Locks

Lockers and locker keys are typically provided to everyone. It might also be necessary for you to bring your own. It is probably a good idea for girls in particular to lock their locker room lockers. To prevent thieves from taking your purse, valuable items such as your cell phone or MP3 player, or money to school, you should lock it away safely in your locker. 

There are some locker combinations you can set to something you can easily remember, although most locker locks have pre-set combinations.”

Changing in a Locker Room

No matter if you have to shower, you will have to change from your clothes into gym wear. Since everyone will be doing this at the same time, most people will be thinking about themselves instead of you, says freshman Gavin Betts. 

Furthermore, the arrangement of lockers in most high school locker rooms provides a certain amount of privacy since only a limited number of students will be in one area at any given time. 

“Friends can have a lot of fun getting ready for gym class, even if most of the fun is complaining about the physical education activities,” says Soard.

Bullying for Teens in Locker Rooms

You’ve seen movies where someone steals your clothes or beats someone up in the locker room. There are times when a joke is taken too far. “There is a fine line between good-natured teasing and bullying, according to Soard. 

Bullying happens when someone’s feelings are hurt, their body is hurt, or they are forced to do something against their will. If you or a friend is bullied in a locker room, always report it to a teacher or parent as soon as possible. Most schools have a zero tolerance policy for bullies and bullying.

If you are the bully, remember that not only is bullying not nice, but it can also get you in serious trouble with your school, such as suspension and expulsion. Teasing, provoking fights, or physical or mental abuse are some examples of bullying.”

Feeling Comfortable in the Locker Room

Even the most confident person can feel uncomfortable when they change in front of others. Every teenager, even the “popular” ones, has something they dislike about themselves. You can’t hide it in a locker room when your body is on display. 

Teenagers Garrett Betts and Cassie Holmes offer a few tips for surviving a locker room in high school.

  • Choose a locker in the corner if you’re concerned about privacy. You will be able to cover the largest area this way.
  • Keep your eyes forward while taking a shower.
  • The school locks can sometimes be tricky, so buying your own can be beneficial.
  • Be sure to lock your locker after you have put everything in it. Shoes are included in this category.
  • While changing, use a beach towel to cover yourself.
  • By standing in front of you, your friends can make a makeshift privacy curtain. Then you can reciprocate.
  • To feel more comfortable and change together, keep your locker close to your friends.
  • By using a towel with velcro, you can prevent it from falling off after showering
  • To avoid multiple bottles when showering, buy a body wash that also works as a shampoo.

Teens and High School Locker Rooms

In high school, locker rooms aren’t one of your favorite places. It can be awkward to change since everyone is at a different stage of development. Growing up means surviving your school’s locker room, and if you have the right attitude, it can even be enjoyable!

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